That new name came about over the last two years, as I was sending 2-3 emails per week.

It started with the SOCIAL MEDIA ESCAPE PLAN, a play on the mighty DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. And it just stuck around.

But in my gut, I knew I was ready for some change.

HEAVY METAL EMAIL certainly points casual observers in one direction, but I don’t want to pigeonhole myself to just the metal world.

My niche isn’t the genre; my niche is “social media mostly sucks, let’s figure out how to spend less time on it.”

Since the name change, I’ve picked up about 25 free subscribers and two new paid subscribers. I’ve also had a few great conversations with fun stuff on the horizon.

Is it just from the name change? Probably not. But the name change and a fresh direction made a few things fall together nicely.