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The Residue of Busy Work

It’s there in the back of your mind when you’re on the phone with a client, or working one a big project for another – the handful of “busy work” you have get through. Maybe it’ll take an hour, or most of your Saturday morning, but you’re thinking about it now, when you should be […]

You Deserve a Sane Inbox

Every email is a potential ding, a notification, one more thing to process. With SaneBox, you train your inbox to recognize what’s important, and what can wait. Drag those monthly billing statements to SaneBulk. Drag the 12 newsletter you signed up for to SaneLater. Drag pesky emails from lists you never signed up for to […]

Email Works

Social media algorithms are going to keep making it harder for you to reach your fans. Start an email list today. Get people on it. Every person who’s on social media today had to sign up with an email address. Q. “But what will I put in the email?” A. The photos and random bits […]

Get Less Busy with Front

First off, I’ve only been using Front app for a week or so, but it’s already saved me time, energy, and bandwidth. UPDATE: Tuesday, October 13, 2020: been using Front for months now and it’s absolutely killer and you should be using it.