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SO HIRE SOMEONE WHO ISN’T You don’t get paid enough to spend most of your waking hours on social media. Sure, there’s the wisdom that you should always be “creating content” for the socials, and engaging, and consuming, and following, and… Look, you’re an artist. A photographer. A musician. A painter. A business owner. Social […]

Own Your Thing

Facebook didn’t just stop at destroying democracy – which is a very important thing, of course. Also of note, Facebook did a number on music outlets, too. And in turn bands. Venues. Artists. Gear companies. Just pay to reach your “audience!” Absolute trash bananas. I get it. Twitter and FB don’t exist to benefit anyone […]

Make it Easy, Make it Hard

Make it easy to buy your thing. Make it hard to forget. Nearly every social media post, include a link to pre-order / pre-save / buy your thing. Nearly every social media post, pound it into people’s heads when your release is coming out. At least every other day. Don’t worry about looking spammy. Hell, […]