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From a recent Twitter exchange (here): Q. How do you know when it’s worth investing actual dollars? A. I feel it’s time when you’re doing the same thing over and over and not seeing any changes. It’s not like, WOW, I ARRIVED. More like, whew… now I can catch my breath and remember why I […]


Make your first “hire.” Hiring doesn’t mean bring on a part-time employee, or not hiring (and just doing it all yourself). It’s not black and white. You probably hired someone to set up your website. And do your taxes. Hire someone to take one task off your plate. Just try it for a week. Or […]

Lessons Cost Money

If you’re a band, you probably have to hire someone to do your album art and layout. If you’re a photographer, sometimes you need to pay an assistant for bigger shoots. If you’re a label with no in-house publicist, you hire an indie to handle that work. Same goes for any indie publicist. Outsourcing has […]


I can’t do it all. There’s power in admitting you can’t do everything. It means you’re growing, getting bigger, expanding. Close Monday’s first client reached out in 2013 because out of the gate they already had a stacked roster.