Author: Seth Werkheiser

Own Your Thing

Facebook didn’t just stop at destroying democracy – which is a very important thing, of course. Also of note, Facebook did a number on music outlets, too. And in turn bands. Venues. Artists. Gear companies. Just pay to reach your “audience!” Absolute trash bananas. I get it. Twitter and FB don’t exist to benefit anyone […]

Make it Easy, Make it Hard

Make it easy to buy your thing. Make it hard to forget. Nearly every social media post, include a link to pre-order / pre-save / buy your thing. Nearly every social media post, pound it into people’s heads when your release is coming out. At least every other day. Don’t worry about looking spammy. Hell, […]

Get Less Busy with Front

First off, I’ve only been using Front app for a week or so, but it’s already saved me time, energy, and bandwidth. UPDATE: Tuesday, October 13, 2020: been using Front for months now and it’s absolutely killer and you should be using it.


I can’t do it all. There’s power in admitting you can’t do everything. It means you’re growing, getting bigger, expanding. Close Monday’s first client reached out in 2013 because out of the gate they already had a stacked roster.