Author: Seth Werkheiser


From a recent Twitter exchange (here): Q. How do you know when it’s worth investing actual dollars? A. I feel it’s time when you’re doing the same thing over and over and not seeing any changes. It’s not like, WOW, I ARRIVED. More like, whew… now I can catch my breath and remember why I […]


SO HIRE SOMEONE WHO ISN’T You don’t get paid enough to spend most of your waking hours on social media. Sure, there’s the wisdom that you should always be “creating content” for the socials, and engaging, and consuming, and following, and… Look, you’re an artist. A photographer. A musician. A painter. A business owner. Social […]


It’s there in the back of your mind when you’re on the phone with a client, or working one a big project for another – the handful of “busy work” you have get through. Maybe it’ll take an hour, or most of your Saturday morning, but you’re thinking about it now, when you should be […]


Make your first “hire.” Hiring doesn’t mean bring on a part-time employee, or not hiring (and just doing it all yourself). It’s not black and white. You probably hired someone to set up your website. And do your taxes. Hire someone to take one task off your plate. Just try it for a week. Or […]


Every email is a potential ding, a notification, one more thing to process. With SaneBox, you train your inbox to recognize what’s important, and what can wait. Drag those monthly billing statements to SaneBulk. Drag the 12 newsletter you signed up for to SaneLater. Drag pesky emails from lists you never signed up for to […]

Email Works

Social media algorithms are going to keep making it harder for you to reach your fans. Start an email list today. Get people on it. Every person who’s on social media today had to sign up with an email address. Q. “But what will I put in the email?” A. The photos and random bits […]

It’s Okay to Start Small

I somehow got reading ‘5 reasons why music mentors are better than managers,’ and it made me think of my recent post ‘Lessons Cost Money.’ We all need to learn lessons, and lessons that don’t cost you a bunch of money are a good way to start. Absolultly hire a manager, booking agent, professional photographer, […]

Lessons Cost Money

If you’re a band, you probably have to hire someone to do your album art and layout. If you’re a photographer, sometimes you need to pay an assistant for bigger shoots. If you’re a label with no in-house publicist, you hire an indie to handle that work. Same goes for any indie publicist. Outsourcing has […]

Own Your Thing

Facebook didn’t just stop at destroying democracy – which is a very important thing, of course. Also of note, Facebook did a number on music outlets, too. And in turn bands. Venues. Artists. Gear companies. Just pay to reach your “audience!” Absolute trash bananas. I get it. Twitter and FB don’t exist to benefit anyone […]

Make it Easy, Make it Hard

Make it easy to buy your thing. Make it hard to forget. Nearly every social media post, include a link to pre-order / pre-save / buy your thing. Nearly every social media post, pound it into people’s heads when your release is coming out. At least every other day. Don’t worry about looking spammy. Hell, […]