Don’t assume the level of your fans’ love for what you do.

Don’t assume they lack interest in how you operate and work.

You don’t have to JUST announce the essentials (the facts) of what you do.

For example, if you have a new album coming out, you can send an email campaign with the album art, some facts, and a button for people to click to order it.

BUT… you could also include a few paragraphs about the inspiration behind the music.

A quote from the artist who designed the artwork.

A photo or two of you working in the studio, or even your bedroom recording set up!

Don’t assume that “nobody cares,” or think, “why would anyone be interested in that?”

Maybe casual fans won’t give a f*ck. Fine.

But the ones who LOVE what you do?
The ones that just want to support you and your art and your magic?

They’ll appreciate it.