Email Works

Social media algorithms are going to keep making it harder for you to reach your fans. Start an email list today. Get people on it. Every person who’s on social media today had to sign up with an email address.

Q. “But what will I put in the email?”
A. The photos and random bits of text you shovel into Instagram and Twitter and FB every day. Condense, edit, crop, and send.

Q. “But I already have 93,242 followers!”
A. Same can be said for all those MySpace fans you had, too. Same will happen with Twitter and Facebook and everything else. And it’ll cost you to reach those 93,242 followers. That is if you TRUST the companies you’re paying. They will take your money and say that 40% of your audience saw the post, but can you really be sure?

Growing an email list ain’t as cool or hip as social media follower counts, Likes, polls, etc. – but they WORK. There’s a reason why every company out there is sending you 320,984 emails a day during the holidays. And why politicians send your 3 emails a day after you donate.

Email works.