It’s Okay to Start Small

I somehow got reading ‘5 reasons why music mentors are better than managers,’ and it made me think of my recent post ‘Lessons Cost Money.’

We all need to learn lessons, and lessons that don’t cost you a bunch of money are a good way to start.

Absolultly hire a manager, booking agent, professional photographer, top rate producer… but, maybe after you’ve tried hiring some other folks over the years?

Learn how to deal with invoicing (and late payments), learn contracts, learn pay raises, learn cutting back on hours, learn the tricky conversations with $250/project professionals before you hire anyone for $5,000.

Learn the feedback loop, the revision process of a band logo before hiring a giant firm. Work with a smaller studio for your first demo or EP before working in a bigger studio experience where the mistakes cost you a lot more money.

You’re a great creative force, but are you a good… boss? Have you really developed your management style? Does your work flow allow for adding someone (or a whole team) to the mix?

Best to start small, when the mistakes don’t cost you a ton of money.