Lessons Cost Money

If you’re a band, you probably have to hire someone to do your album art and layout.

If you’re a photographer, sometimes you need to pay an assistant for bigger shoots.

If you’re a label with no in-house publicist, you hire an indie to handle that work.

Same goes for any indie publicist. Outsourcing has a dirty reputation, but it shouldn’t.

I always tell my busy publicist clients that the best use of their time is getting their clients on magazine covers, not filing links into Google Sheets.

You can do the same thing. Look up “data entry” on Upwork, and find someone to file your links. Yeah, it takes some work to teach someone your system. Put your instructions into a Google Doc, and keep updating it with all the questions that person asks you. There’s your FAQ. This way when you (maybe, okay probably) switch to someone else, you don’t have to repeat all your instructions over again.

It sounds like a huge waste of time – making a document filled with instructions, screen shots, and links, but it’s worth it.

And note: you can go cheap, but you get what you pay for. It’s better to pay someone a better hourly rate at first, to really refine your system. Figure out how to make it work while paying someone $15/hr before you even think about trying to find someone to do it for $10.

The time you save and the dollars you spend will only be as good as the system you have in place. You’re going to screw up at first. You’re going to over-pay, you’re going to get shoddy work, but cut your losses and move onto someone else. Find another solution.

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