Own Your Thing

Facebook didn’t just stop at destroying democracy – which is a very important thing, of course.

Also of note, Facebook did a number on music outlets, too. And in turn bands. Venues. Artists. Gear companies. Just pay to reach your “audience!”

Absolute trash bananas.

I get it. Twitter and FB don’t exist to benefit anyone but themselves. But don’t tell everyone to pivot to video, then lie about the metrics.

Engage your audience direct. On your own channel. Email (set up an email list). Website (buy a domain name).

“But people don’t even go to websites,” some might say.

Don’t tell Bandcamp. Or YouTube. Or Netflix. You (used to) buy tickets to shows on websites. You shop on websites. You’re reading this website right now.

Social media is modeled after casino games. Ditch the dopamine rush. I get it. You post something, 12 likes! 4 re-tweets! And they can (and sometimes do) build momentum.

But social media is like handing out flyers on the corner – necessary, but it’s not what you do. The point is to get people to the show, to fall in love with your art, to watch your video.

Yes, hand out your flyers, but make sure they tell people where to go.