Get Less Busy with Front

From ‘How Front keeps remote teams connected and efficient

First off, I’ve only been using Front app for a week or so, but it’s already saved me time, energy, and bandwidth.

UPDATE: Tuesday, October 13, 2020: been using Front for months now and it’s absolutely killer and you should be using it.

My work is very press-release centric. Clients send them, and each press release turns into several tasks:

  • Post the press release to a website
  • Put the press release info (subject line, date sent) into the client’s coverage report
  • Finally, create and schedule a social media post

Right now I am juggling press releases from three separate clients. So throughout the day, that can add up to 10+ emails. And like I mentioned above, those 10 emails turn into three separate tasks.

That’s a lot of disruption to whatever I’m working on at the moment.

First, I hired someone to post these press releases for me on Fiverr (if you want their info, email me – they’re great). Press releases would come in, and I would FWD them to this person.

Then, they would email me back with the link, which I needed for posting to social media.

As you can see, now each press release email turned into two more emails. And you and I both know that we need less email in our life.

Then I found Front. Mind you, I’m early on in establishing a solid process here, but this much I know – I’ve already eliminated all those emails.

ALL. OF. THEM. In like, a week.


I created a new email address, and asked my clients to add it to their press list. This kept those press releases out of my inbox.

Emails to that address automatically go into Front, into its own inbox. My WordPress person has access to that inbox in Front. And I have it set up that when press releases arrive at that new email address, they’re automatically “assigned” to that email, which means I don’t need to FWD it to them; they’re automatically notified.

UPDATE: this means I can see if things haven’t been posted, too, which is handy.

And every email in Front has a private, team-based messaging thread under each message. So when they’re done posting to WordPress, they just drop the URL into that as a message (not an email), and add a tag called “Posted,” then WHAMMO – I check the Posted tag in the morning, and I begin the rest of my process (which I am still building, but this is a start).

UPDATE: I recently brought on a social media person. So now, when a press release if tagged “Posted,” it goes into a Social Media inbox, which then get assigned to my social media person. Automatically. I don’t touch a thing, and everyone knows what has to be done. IT’S FUCKING MAGIC.

I know I am just skimming the surface of what Front is capable of, but I’m telling you, in a week it’s already saved me at least 50+ emails, and that alone is worth it.

UPDATE: With just the one automation I mentioned above I am saving probably 100+ emails per week. And 100+ less distractions, too. If you deal with a shit ton of emails that you shuffle around all day and night with your team (and even if you don’t have a team yet, like me), check out Front.