I can’t do it all.

There’s power in admitting you can’t do everything. It means you’re growing, getting bigger, expanding. Close Monday’s first client reached out in 2013 because out of the gate they already had a stacked roster.

See, my main client base are independent music publicists. They have a talent for getting their artists on magazine covers, in Billboard, and on TV interviews. When you have that sort of talent, you maximize it, so you can retain more clients, paying for a valuable service that not many people are able to do pull off.

Me? I can’t get anyone booked on a podcast, but I can manage your social media, and keep your coverage reports up to date.

Now, I’m not writing this just so you’ll hire Close Mondays to do stuff for you. We all have to walk before we can run.

Find a small part of your job, something you do daily that you dread, and consider paying someone else to do it. Seriously. You get paid to do big shit, so spending time on the smaller step is costing you. Outsource that shit. It might only cost you like $20/week. Imagine if you could regain two hours a week at that rate.

I’ve found solid “virtual assistants” on UpWork and Fiverr, and they do great work for me week in and week out. My tasks are clear and straightforward (“put this stuff here, put this stuff over there”), so it can be managed without too much oversight, and silently the work gets done, and I get to focus on bigger projects.

That’s what you should be doing!